Well hello there!

So I have decided to blog.  Actually, I’ve blogged before.  A long, long time ago, and we won’t mention that blog here.  But here I am, new to Word Press, excited to share and learn with all my soon to be blog friends.  *smile*

I guess this is where I tell you a little bit about me.  I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to use real names or fancy made up names.  I’ve done the made up names before, and to be honest, its hard work keeping all those mentiras straight.  And that was three kids ago!  Far too many brain cells have been lost through pregnancies since then, so for my sanity’s sake, I shall use our real names.

Hi, my name is Angie and I’m a blogger.  Oh, did I mention that I am a dork?  Yeah, I’m pretty dorky.  Thats cool.  So is my husband.  And my kids.  We’re all dorks here, and pretty darn proud of it.  Also, sarcasm runs through our veins.  Its true.  My oldest son is showing signs of the illness already, making mama proud.

Okay, so I’m Angie.  Got it.  My husband’s name is Abe.  Huh?  Abe as in short for Abraham, you say?  Yes.  Abe as in short for Abraham.  I love his name.  How many Abe’s do you know?  Not many, I would gather.  My husband, on the other hand, not so crazy for the name.  Apparently, kids are mean and made fun of his awesome name when he was younger.  Who knew?

We have four children.  Yes, we know how babies are made.  Yes, they are all “intentional”.  Yes, we have other hobbies.  But hey, making babies is pretty fun, right?  Once people get over that number, they almost immediately then ask, “Are you done?”  Aye papi!  When did that become anyone’s business besides the people who decide to raise the babies in the first place?  You will hear me moan about this often, I apologize in advance.  But to answer for all those who care to know, I don’t know.  Do I want more children?  Yes.  Will we try to have more children?  Yes.  I think I finally got my husband on the crazy train.  But that said, who knows if we will be able to have any more children?  I am a mama who has suffered through a painful miscarriage and secondary infertility.  It took nearly two years and several rounds of fertility drugs to be able to conceive my third child.  If God blesses us with more, I will be happy.  If not, I will still be happy.  I have four gorgeous children that are my reason to breathe.

Ah, the children!  Yes, as I said, I have four children.  Matt is the oldest and he is 9.  He is the quiet, easy going book worm.  Don’t let that fool you though.  He can torture his younger sister like nobody’s business!

Next is Isabella.  She is 6 and she is sugar and spice and everything nice.  Her favorite color is pink, and subscribes to the philosophy that everything is better with a little glitter and lace.  Shes our little dancing star.

Then came Noah.  He was hard work!  This was the Clomid baby we waited oh so long for.  He is oh so very 2 right now.  Oh so very 2.  *sigh*

Last but not least, is our little Saraphina.  She is 9 months old and just happens to be the only latina looking baby in the bunch.  Yes, see, mama has latina roots, dark hair, dark eyes, darker complected.  Daddy is…..white.  Like, whoa, put some sunglasses on esse, that boy is white!  I kid.  But he has european roots, blonde hair, blue eyes, and freckles.  Now, in elementary school, weren’t you taught that darker hair and eyes were the dominant gene?  I was, so color me confused when my first three babies all came out blonde and fair.  With each pregnancy I would wonder if I would ever get my “Mexican baby”.  Well, it took four tries, but Little Miss Saraphina definitely takes after her mama!  *yay!*

Thats not to say I think any of my other kids are any less cute.  They’re mine, so they’re gorgeous.  *smile*  But its nice to have a baby that looks like me.

This introduction has turned into quite the little essay.  Are you still reading this?  Wow.  Cool.

So I guess this blog will basically be all the things I love.  Lots of mommy talk, recipes, crafts, vents, you know, awesome stuff.  Welcome to the circus that is this mami’s life!

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