Rainbow Deviled Eggs

Me encanta el arco iris!

Oh my gosh, color Mama happy anytime rainbows are involved!  Or unicorns, or kitty cats, or any other ridiculous girly stereo type.  Hey, I’m a dork and I’m proud!

My Bella had a rainbow themed birthday a few years ago, and making all the rainbow goodies was absolute heaven to me!  I love making anything more colorful, so when I saw a similar idea in my Family Fun magazine this month, well you knew I couldn’t resist!

Start by hard boiling your eggs.  Easy enough, right?  Don’t ask me the perfect way to do this, because I have no idea.  And then peeling the eggs?  Ay Dios mio!  A nightmare!  Ugh!  I have read and tried every trick there is for perfectly peeled eggs.  I am convinced that it is impossible.

That is my mutilated pile of egg halves.  *le sigh*  I think the end product turned out okay, but it sure would have been nice to have eggs that didn’t look like they were peeled with a weed whacker!

Next, I took several mugs of water and added a smidge of food color to them.  Nothing fancy or special.  No vinegar or anything.  Just water and a smidge of color.  I had gel color, but it worked just fine.  I placed several of the egg halves into each mug and let it sit for about 10 minutes until they looked all kinds of awesome.

Well…..except for the chewed up look of the eggs…  But the color looks totally awesome, right?  Humor me here.

Anyway, once dried, I filled them with the classic deviled egg filling.  Mushed up yolks, mayo, hint of mustard, pinch os salt and a dash of pepper.  Topped with a little paprika and you have a neat new presentation of deviled eggs.

Now see?  When you can’t see the mutilated bottoms, they look pretty darn impressive, don’t they?  And they taste pretty darn fabulous too.  We had five left after the party, but those too quickly disappeared.  I think these will become an Easter tradition.  What an easy way to jazz up a classic recipe!


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