Spring Break

I don’t know about everyone else, but when I was a kid, spring break was at least a week off from school.  Right?  An entire week to laze around the house and drive your parental units insane telling them how bored you are.  Those were the days!

My kids are only getting a four day weekend this year.  What the what?

I suppose on the one hand, I could say, “Hooray!  I only have to referee fights for four days!”  But the masochistic side of me is wishing they had a full week.  There are crafts and day trips and just general fun times to be had!  But four days to squeeze them all in?  Pishaw I say.  Pishaw.

I am sure we’ll do something totally awesome.  I mean, we are an awesome family and all.  I shall post that awesomeness when it happens.  Pinky swear.


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