Dance Moms

Reality television is a guilty pleasure of mine.  Nothing makes me feel more sane and put together than an episode or two of the Housewives of anything.  And if my house is feeling messy or cluttered, five minutes of Hoarders: Buried Alive makes Mama feel like the queen of clean.

I have been a “dance mom” since Isabella was just barely three years old.  Just this past year she was asked to audition for the dance team, which she passed with flying colors.  This girl loves to dance.  She is in heaven on stage.  The routines, the costumes, the competitions, she lives for it.

So when I saw the promos for Dance Moms on Lifetime last year, I was all kinds of excited.  While it is absolutely nothing at all like reality, at least not ours, I find the show oh so amusing.  The kids are very talented and fun to watch, but the moms, and Abbie!!  Yes.  Yes, I do enjoy the obviously scripted drama.

My only gripe would be that they need to do all their lines behind the scenes, where the girls never hear them acting a fool.  It is hard for babies to understand the difference between angry and pretend, and I have seen lots of real tears shed by these kids watching their mamas act 10 shades of crazy.

Not cool.

Did you see the new Miami Dance Moms after the finale of regular Dance Moms?  I watched a little, but changed the channel and didn’t come back when they eluded to the teacher going outside and vomiting when he wasn’t feeling well.  See, this Mama has a crazy irrational fear of vomit.  I have a deal with Abe that I will take care of anything and everything else terrible and disgusting that our kids, and even pets ever do, but I do not, can not, will not do vomit.

Ugh.  Even typing the word has me nauseated.


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