Rohan Marley & Mr Coffee: Not Friends

I expected peace, love, harmony and a buenisimo cup o’ joe this morning.  What I got was… ugly, nasty, messy……well, what I got was this:


Not exactly peaceful or harmonious.

I received a sample of Marley coffee in the mail last week and decided to try it out this morning.  I prepared the coffee maker as I do every morning, turned it on and then went to work on Bella’s hair.  (Back to school today, yay!)

A few minutes in, I thought the coffee maker was making a strange sound.  I looked over, but it seemed to be operating fine.  I blew it off and continued with the Bella ‘do.

I stopped a few minutes later and again looked at the coffee maker.  This time it was making an angry sound.

“Mommy?  Why does it sound like the coffee maker is on fire?” Bella asked me with a look of concern.

“Its not on fire,” I answered her, only half believing myself as I quickly finished her ponytail and sent her for her backpack as I jumped up to look at the coffee maker.

It was not on fire, but holy crap Mr Marley!  What did you do to Mr Coffee?!  I turned everything off and unplugged it, just in case.  The pot was only about half way full, with a mound of grounds sitting on top.  The grounds were mixing with the overflow and making a nasty sludge.  As you can see from the above picture, it was just a hot mess.

“Stir it up”?  No, Mr Marley.  I did not get to stir up your coffee this morning.  But I do have a rather long morning of cleaning up a rather nasty mess. Perhaps one day you can sing me your “Redemption Song”.  But this mama will be going back to Maxwell House manana.


4 thoughts on “Rohan Marley & Mr Coffee: Not Friends

  1. Hi Angie – I work with Rohan and the Marley Coffee team. So sorry you didn’t get to “Stir. it. Up.” with your sample of our new One Love Organic Ground coffee. Not sure if there was a malfunction with your coffee maker or some other reason for the problem. Regardless, we want to be sure you have a chance to experience the souful aroma and exceptional taste of Marley Coffee. Please email me your contact information with address to and we will make sure we make it right! Many thanks. One Love.

    Mike Rosen
    Blue Wolf Communications on behalf of Marley Coffee

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