Sick Day

When I was a kid, sick days were fiesta time!  Lounging on the couch, snacking and watching The Price Is Right or Hollywood Squares, laughing at all the jokes I didn’t get.  My mom was always checking on me, making me special lunches or snacks and asking if I needed anything.

Half the time, I wasn’t even sick.  I just wanted a day off and time to catch up on my stories.  (Hey, I grew up with a mom and two grandmas who were obsessed with their “stories”.  Its genetic!)

That is most unfortunate for mis hijos.

My philosophy with them is, “Too sick for school, too sick for fun.”  I make them lay in bed, give them plenty of clear fluids and leave them to rest.  No video games or awesome daytime television.  No fun snacks or dance parties.  I want them to wish they were in school.  Mean Mommy!

There is an exception to my No Fun Rule.  If my babies are really sick, I mean like sad and mopey, lethargic, no doubt sick, well then I am jumping through hoops to make them feel better.  I break out the DS, we make crafts, they get their water or juice in fun cups with twisty straws, I get creative with the B.R.A.T. diet making shapes with their dry toast, you name it.

I love my babies, I want the very best for them.  If they aren’t sick, they need to be in school, learning and socializing.  But if they really are sick, it breaks Mama’s heart to see her babies sad and not feeling well.

Bella spent the day home sick yesterday.  She doesn’t get colds and coughs like the normal kids.  She just gets a high fever, sometimes with a headache.  We give her some Motrin and within the hour she is bouncing off the walls, acting completely normal and feeling fine.  It takes awhile for the fever to break though, so sometimes she is spending two or three days at home, driving me and Noah crazy.  (Noah likes to have his mama to himself while the kids are in school.)

She is back to school today.  She wasn’t sick enough for fun yesterday, which I think bummed her out a little.  See what I did there?  I made her look forward to going back to school.  I know, I’m awesome like that.


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