April 13

April 13 is a strange day for me.  Every year, at some point on this day, I am sad.  Sometimes I am consumed by the date for days or weeks leading up to it.  Sometimes it hits me out of nowhere.  But it always hits me.

I lost my third pregnancy in 2007.  It was the first trimester, the excitement of having a baby was still fresh and new.  The baby’s due date was April 13.  My diamond baby.  Did you know April’s birthstone is diamond?  I told Abe he would have to buy me diamonds since it was our new baby’s birthstone.  That’s perfectly reasonable, right?  *smile*

My sweet diamond angel baby would be four years old this month.  That’s a fun age.  Over the terrible twos, potty trained and still small enough to want Mama cuddles.

The weather here is dark and gloomy, which isn’t exactly great for lifting spirits.  Luckily I have a terrible two year old and a snuggly nine month old for extra cuddles today.



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