Fin de Semana

For the most part, I will probably be missing here on the weekends.  I have four babies, three fur babies and a great big baby named Abe that I like to spend time with whenever possible.  Our week is usually filled with school, work, dance, scouts, appointments, you name it.  Its a rare weekend that is actually free for lazy enjoyment, so you can bet your hiney that when they come, they will be squeezed dry.

This weekend has eye appointments for the kiddos, woo hoo!  Bella doesn’t have glasses yet, and this will be her first eye appointment.  I’m pretty sure she will eventually need them, but for now, I am happy to have her eyewear free.

Mattman…….his glasses are hanging by a thread.  He is rough on his specs!  We are looking into getting him the super duper heavy duty frames this time around.  His current pair didn’t last six months before the arm fell off and the nose pieces were flattened and weak.

I hate that my kids are destined for their Mama’s bat vision.  Abe wears contacts/glasses as well, but his eyes aren’t nearly as terrible as mine.  I love the thought of laser eye surgery, but the part where they have you awake and lying still while they slice your cornea open?


That was the sound of me fainting from the very thought of it.  *shudder*  I am so squeamish about my eyes, I would have to be knocked out to have it done and I’m pretty sure they won’t knock you out when they have to be pointing lasers into your eye balls.

Ay yi yi!  Or should I say Eye yi yi?  Cuz that is hilarious to me.  Cuz I am a dork.

Dorkiness aside, have an awesome weekend, and oh yeah, GO CARDS!!  (Its opening day, and I like to put on a baseball fan front for my hubby because he thinks that’s hot.)

Hasta que nos volvamos a encontrar!


2 thoughts on “Fin de Semana

  1. Lazy weekends are the best! I want that laser eye surgery SO bad, I worked with three women, all in their 50’s, that had it done and they were so happy about it, said they wore that mask for the rest of the day after the surgery and then they were fine.

  2. I really, REALLY want it, I am just crazy skeered to do it. Dad had it done years and years ago when it was still kind of new, and for some whack ball reason, the dr gave him photographs of the actual procedure, which included one with his corneal flap lifted and the forceps holding it in place. Guess where my dad put those pictures. ON THE REFRIGERATOR! omg. I swear to gawd I am suffering PTSD from it. lol

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