Flores Bonitas

While my pretty little flower is recovering today, poor Bella, I told her that we would sneak outside for a spell when the babies are sleeping for some fresh air.

It is a beautiful day!  So sunny and warm, with beautiful flowers blooming all around us.  Hard to feel bad when you are surrounded by beauty!  Go ahead and try.  Its hard, isn’t it?

One of the very first things we planted when we moved here was a Clematis.  Its a pretty, climbing plant that blooms early in the spring.  We made the mistake of tearing down the dead looking vines at the end of the season.  Yeah, don’t do that.  Its not dead, its just ugly until spring.  Good to know.

We have ours climbing on a gate, but when we move I have grand plans to build a fancy trellis and have it loaded with several different colors and varieties.

We have a handful of flag plants/iris.  You never know what color will decide to bloom or how many will bloom any given year.  Sometimes we have a rainbow of them, and some years we have none.  This year, so far, this is the one and only bloom.  The day this was taken, it had rained quite a bit all day, so it is a bit soggy, but I wanted to be sure and get a picture before it was too late.

This is, I believe, wild daisy fleabane.  It just showed up, looked purdy, so we took some pictures.  See, I am even happy looking at weeds.

This rose is currently in bloom, so that definitely deserves a new picture.  We planted these when I was pregnant with Isabella.  Pretty pink roses for a new baby girl.  I love roses.  So pretty and elegant.  Unfortunately, Japanese Beetles also love my roses, and they are common visitors in the summer heat.  They are the reason I don’t get mad when I see the mole hills in the yard.  Moles love to eat the Japanese beetle grubs, so as far as I’m concerned, the little boogers are doing me a favor.  Until I step in a hole and twist my ankle.  But in general, I enjoy my mole friends.


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