New Kicks

Is there anything more exciting when you are a kid (or kid at heart) than getting a brand new pair of shoes?  You instantly feel harder, better, faster stronger?  (Are you singing the Daft Punk song in your head now?  Me too.  You’re welcome.)

Matthew is the proud owner of a new pair of shoes.  His old pair of Sean White skater shoes have been deemed too hideous for outings by Mama and so he is now sporting a brand spanking new pair of sporty looking Fila’s.  (Bought on an awesome discount from Burlington Coat Factory.)

I think the sporty look suits him much better.  He has an athletic build and an active, albeit sometimes annoying, high energy about him that never really fit the slouchy skater shoe look.

Speaking of kids shoes, how ridiculous are all the commercials telling kids not to get “tied up by laces”, wear velcro shoes instead?  Umm, no wonder kids don’t know how to tie their shoes anymore, laces are evil!  Ridiculo!

I watched Matt hopping around the bus stop this morning, feeling superior in his zapatos nuevos, and it was awesome.  Of course, now Bella wants new shoes.

Viva la competicion!

Matt’s new, harder, better, faster stronger shoes.  And Lucy.  She thinks if the camera is out, surely you meant to take a picture of her.


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