April Citrus Lane Box!

Speaking of splurging on my babies, let’s talk about Citrus Lane.

I discovered this company through a Facebook sidebar ad.  It was advertised as a “monthly care package for moms and babies”.  Intrigued, I clicked the link and instantly fell in love with the idea.

I love to get mail.  Who doesn’t?  (That’s my Saraphina in the pictures, by the way.  I think this may be her blog debut.  Let the “awwws” begin.)  I also love surprises, and essentially, the idea of Citrus Lane is to surprise their subscribers with items of the month’s theme.

Citrus Lane was founded by a mom.  While preparing for her first baby, she researched and asked everyone she knew about which baby products were the very best.  The idea behind the company is to provide moms with new and innovative products and companies that they may not have discovered on their own.  There is an emphasis on natural and organic products, which I think even the less than crunchy moms (soggy moms unite!) can appreciate.

Saraphina thinks the yummy, yellow tissue paper is the best part.

This month’s theme is Bed & Bathtime Fun.  Each month, you receive 4 – 5 products that coordinate with the monthly theme.  The boxes are specifically chosen for your baby’s developmental age, from newborn to three years old.  My box pictured here is for Saraphina, who is 9 months old.

As you can see, the ducks caught her eye right away.

These are the Green Sprouts Stacking Duck Set, BPA and PVC free.  How super cute are they?  I love the colors and they are fun to chew on.  (Sara told me.)  These are great for in the tub or out.  Citrus Lane includes a price list of their items to give you an idea of the value of their boxes.  These are valued by Citrus Lane at $9.99.

“Ducks or book…which should I chew on first?”

The delicious looking book is “I’ll See You In The Morning” by Mike Jolly.  It is a bright and beautiful board book following the bedtime theme.  I love the fact that is an actual story to read, not just a word or two per page, like a lot of board books tend to be.  We can sit and read this one, letting Sara turn the pages without worrying about a page tearing.  Thumbs up from me.  Citrus Lane valued this at $6.99.

Branam All Natural Xylitol Tooth Paste $7.99

This month’s box included a boo boo that actually worked in my favor.  They were supposed to send me tooth gel for Sara, but I got the toothpaste by mistake.  They are sending a replacement gel for Sara, but in the mean time, Isabella was out of her SLS free toothpaste and this just so happens to be SLS free!  *happy dance*

In case you don’t know what SLS is, it stands for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which is used in many toothpastes and shampoos, etc for sudsing and emulsifying.  It is, as we have come to find out, a nasty chemical that in Bella’s case, does more harm than good.  She was constantly getting painful, bloody canker sores in her mouth that left her crying and unable to eat.  When we asked our dentist about it, he happened to suggest using SLS free toothpaste for her.  Since the switch, not a single canker sore has returned!  This poor baby was getting them regularly, and it was from her toothpaste!  Yes, that was a guilty mama moment.  But honestly, we put our trust into companies not to harm us or our children, so how are we to know that they would include nasty, toxic chemicals?  Live and learn.

Seventh Generation Natural Hand Wash $3.49

This is a big bottle of hand soap.  And it smells wonderful!  It is fresh and citrusy, I think it just may find a home in Mama’s bano, instead of the kiddos….

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel For Sensitive Skin Deluxe Sample

Citrus Lane likes to throw in little samples for the mamas, and that is an awesome, much appreciated extra.  This month’s sample is an organic peel from Juice Beauty.  I have not tried it yet, but I have smelled it.  Meh.  To me, it smells like the rotting apples on the ground when you are visiting the local orchard for your yearly apple picking trip.  I’m not ungrateful in any way, and I appreciate it and will definitely be trying it, but the smell is a bit off putting for me personally.  Maybe you enjoy smelling like rotten apples, to each his (or her) own.

Also included in every box is an insert, giving you details about your goodies, exclusive coupon codes and where to find the items, along with general tips for the month’s theme.  This month there was also a $15 gift card for ecomom.com, a discount for chroniclebooks.com, and a special offer from Juice Beauty.

I feel like Citrus Lane is an awesome deal, I get my money’s worth and then some.  This was our second box and I am very pleased.  When I signed up, I subscribed for an entire year, which I felt gave me the very best value.  Each box is $25 with free shipping.  When I signed up for 12 months and added a coupon code, I ended up only spending about $16 per box.  This month, that was practically the value of the gift card alone!  I love discovering the new brands, I love the surprise package in the mail each month, and I love the products.

If you want to give Citrus Lane a try yourself, go HERE and then enter coupon code 20TODAY.  That will save you $15 on a 3 month subscription, $25 on a 6 month subscription, or $50 on a 12 month subscription.  When you subscribe for a full year, they also give you two months free.  Oh yes, Mama loves a deal.  And $16 a month is far less damage than I could do on a “quick” trip to Target.

Chew ALL the things!

Citrus Lane has not paid me or asked me to write this review, nor have they provided me with any boxes or products.  (But hey, Citrus Lane, if you wanna, I am game! )  I just think this service is awesome and wanted to share.  I’m cool like that.

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