Stop coughing, Honey!

Honey bee

I like using natural remedies for the kids, and myself, whenever possible.  Sure, there are a million drugs out there for whatever ails ya, but I really try to do whatever I can naturally before resorting to the medicine cabinet.

One trick that seems to magically work really well for coughs, even better than the over the counter stuff, is honey.  Just regular old honey, nothing special.   My kids are pretty dramatic as it is, and often cough to the point of gagging, so anything to help calm the cough is welcomed.

I believe the technical dose is 1 teaspoon, but I just call the kid over, tell them to open wide and squirt some in.  It’s sweet, and they love it, so I have no complaints like I would if I were trying to give them actual medicine.

One very important thing to remember, do not give honey to babies under the age of one ever!  They are at high risk for infant botulism, which is a rare but very serious form of food poisoning.  Also, not all coughs are bad.  If the child has a wet, productive cough, you know the kind where you can hear the nasty goobers they are coughing up, it is better to let them cough it all out.  Cough suppressants, which honey has proven to be, should only be used for the dry, non productive cough.  The kind that keeps the poor kid up at night or has him miserably coughing (and gagging in some cases) all day persistently.

I can’t ever seem to make myself try the honey trick for coughs on myself.  Something about a mouthful of bee vomit just does not sound yummy to me.  Crazy, right?


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