Farm Living Is The Life For Me!

These chickens create the beautiful free range...


I can’t say I used to watch Green Acres, but the theme song certainly plays in my head as we are getting closer and closer to buying our house.  We will have our current home paid off early next year, so by this time 2013 I should be griping about packing or unpacking boxes.  Oh yes, there will be griping.  But it will be with a smile.

The last few years we have been growing more and more of our own fruits and veggies.  My dream house will have ample land to venture out even further into our home garden.  I dream of fruit trees and rows and rows of homegrown goodies.  I also want chickens.

Que loca!

Yes.  Chickens.  Just a small flock, probably a fancy mix of about 6-10 hens.  They will be free range, they will be beloved pets, and they will give us yummy, fresh, organic eggs.

Don’t you wish you were my future neighbor?

In all honesty, I know what you’re thinking.  You hear the word chicken and you are thinking of dirty, gross, noisy birds.  You know what?  That’s not true.  They are loving, nice little creatures that flourish when properly taken care of.  Roosters are noisy.  Yes.  I won’t have any roosters.  At least not until we live on an actual farm, which probably won’t ever happen.

But a small flock of hens probably wouldn’t even be noticed by the neighbors, except for when I am bringing them free fresh eggs.  Hard to complain about that.  Add in some fresh tomatoes, pickles, apple butter, you name it and you really are wishing you were my future neighbor now, aren’t you?

Backyard chickens are actually gaining popularity right now.  And we’ll have the benefit of checking city ordinances before we even purchase our new house, so ideally, that won’t ever even be a problem.  Plus, the benefits of having free range chickens are overwhelming, not to mention that the eggs are even healthier for you.

Okay, jumping off the soapbox now.

You know whats awesome though?  I tell Abe all my kooky ideas, like wanting to have chickens when we move, and he doesn’t even blink an eye.  I guess after 17 years of being together, he’s gotten immune to the crazy.  Its a good thing, as Martha would say.



2 thoughts on “Farm Living Is The Life For Me!

  1. Boo to the HOA! I think people have a stereotype of what chickens are like in their heads that keeps them from thoughtfully considering their benefits. Plus, HOA’s are notoriously persnickety. 😛

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