10 Random Things While Waiting For My Dad To Call

On Monday my mom had surgery.  My dad had the job of calling me after the surgery to update us on my Mom’s status.  *le sigh*  There is something non functioning in a man’s brain that doesn’t allow them to consider emotions.  At all.  Ever.  The surgery was in the morning.  I expected a call by mid afternoon.  It was well into the evening, long after the surgery, before we actually called the hospital room to get an update ourselves.  That is a whole lotta time in between for worrying.  Also, for noticing random things.

1. Do you remember the Kenan & Kel show from Nickelodeon?  Do you ever wonder what happened to Kel?  (Kenan is currently on SNL)  Well wonder no more!  He is the voice of T-Bone on Clifford The Big Red Dog on PBS.  I always thought that voice sounded familiar….

2.Watching my bird feeder, something I love to do, I see a lot of male birds feeding female birds.  The female will sit on the fence, or otherwise nearby, and the male will go to the feeder, grab some seed, and then proceed to feed the female.  Awwww!  Its a courtship ritual, and I think it is adorable!

3.Coffee with cream and sugar.  Yes.  I can drink it black, but the cream and sugar make it a religious experience.

4.It is an unwritten law that if the baby wipes box is empty, you won’t discover this until you are elbow deep in the messiest, nastiest diaper you have ever seen.  Also, you can almost guarantee that it is your husband’s fault if it is empty.  Even if it’s not, blame him anyway.

5.Speaking of poo, something about emptying their bowels seems to make potty trained children forget how to flush the toilet.  Or wash their hands.  Seriously.

6.Dog hair splinters are real, and they are the craziest, most painful little boogers!  I get them often, walking around barefoot all the time.  (Yes, we vacuum on a regular basis, I swear.) No one else in the house seems to be inflicted….yet.  I predict the laughing will stop once one of them gets one for the first time though.  Muahahahaha!

7.Do not ever, ever, ever go to Web Md, or any other search engine for that matter, when you are awaiting a call from the hospital.  Don’t do it!  It is not as reassuring as you think it may be.  Also, I’m pretty sure I’m dying from about thirty different rare diseases now, so there’s that.

8.Mourning Doves really do sound like they are mourning.  Their coos are so sad!  We have quite a few around here, there is an especially loud one cooing just outside my window right now.  Perhaps I should scatter some Prozac in with the bird seed….

9.I am admittedly solar powered.  On gloomy, dark, rainy days it is a chore for me to even get out of bed.  I don’t feel like doing anything.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  Then the sun comes out and I can see all the dust and crap that needs to be cleaned and I am in overdrive, cleaning, cooking, organizing, crafting, you name it.  Yay sun?

10.My dad has had daughters for over 32 years now.  When the hell is he gonna learn that girls worry and need to be reassured asap?!    It’s a man thing, I doubt it will ever change.  No le pidas pera al olmo.

(The surgery went as expected.  They removed the thyroid and one enlarged parathyroid gland.  The pathology report should be in early next week, and my mom is already safe at home resting.)


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