Potty Training

I believe I have avoided it as long as possible.  It’s time.


Potty training sucks.  It just does.  Noah is 2 1/2 now, and showing signs of readiness.  I have waited for the warmer weather, because I have found that if you just throw them in some actual underwear, they seem to catch on faster.

Pull Ups are great for overnight, nap time, or even errands during the early stages of training.  But Pull Ups are basically diapers.  They look like diapers, they feel like diapers, they work like diapers.  My kids don’t care if the designs change, or if there is a “cooling sensation” when they wet.  The Pull Ups just soak it up like a diaper and they merrily go about their day.

That is why I jump in head first and just put them in their new, fancy underwear.  When they pee, they will be wet and uncomfortable.  Same goes for poo.  The first time they have an accident, they are dumbfounded.  Then they usually catch on pretty quick after that.


Noah likes to take his sweet time with things.  He was born a week past his due date, didn’t get his first tooth until he was one, and didn’t start walking until he was almost 18 months old.  Yes, this boy has his own schedule of doing things.  Perhaps I should see if he can squeeze in some potty training before I clear my schedule?

Have an awesome weekend.  I hope its less pissy than mine is guaranteed to be.  (Seriously, I crack myself up.)


One thought on “Potty Training

  1. I’m totally with you on the pull-ups. My sweet little thing was practically potty trained when I got some pull-ups for church and grocery trips. Well, she became obsessed with them. She wanted to wear them all the time and ended up peeing in them all the time. We finally went through the whole box and it was just underwear from there. After that setback, she’s now trained. Best wishes for this weekend from a mom who’s just been through the potty training gauntlet.

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