Toilets are overrated.

So says Noah.

“Do you need to go potty, Noah?”

“Uh, NOPE!”

And that’s pretty much how the weekend potty training mission went.  We sat him on the potty, we let him wear his new Mickey Mouse underwear, we asked him often if he needed to “go”.  The answer was always “Uh, NOPE!”, followed soon by wet underwear and crying Noah.  He was horrified at the thought of being wet, but the connection wasn’t there yet.


He will learn eventually.  Probably.

For now we are scaling back and just having him sit on the potty in the evening after dinner.  We’re planning on slowly building up to the full scale training.

Yeah, I had grand illusions of a great weekend of potty training, but I also came down with a cold Friday evening, so my enthusiasm plummeted and quickly became rather lackluster.

So for the record, two babies still in diapers.  But that’s cool.

Am I excited to go forth on the potty training adventure?  As a wise, handsome little boy once said, “Uh, NOPE!”



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