Teacher Appreciation Day!

Teachers are awesome.  They are underpaid, under appreciated, and they spend their days molding the minds of the precious little germ muffins that they call their students.  I always like to send the kids teachers little gifts throughout the year, and as the end of the school year approaches, so does another Teacher Appreciation Day.

This year I scored some cute little things on clearance after Valentine’s Day to use as gifts for the teachers.

The clear apple shaped candy dishes had candy in them for Valentine’s day, and the two little flower boxes are Forget Me Nots.  Adorable and appropriate, don’t you think?  The tea I actually got for free with coupons, and the filler and bags are things I already had on hand.

I filled the bags with the tea and the apple caramel taffy, and decorated them with free printouts found on line.  The candy dishes were filled with the shredded paper and the Forget Me Nots and then tied closed with the original ribbon.  The kids both also made a card for their teacher which will be given along with the gifts.

Simple, inexpensive, and cute.  Yes, I shall deem this idea awesome.


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