May Citrus Lane Box!

It’s another month, and time for another Citrus Lane box!  I’m telling you, it’s like Christmas when that sunny little box shows up on our door step!

This month’s theme is “Fun In The Sun.”

Well come on, Mama!  Let’s get the party started!

Lots of fun goodies this month that will be put to good use!

We were immediately greeted with this cheery, pink sun hat!

This is the iPlay Sun Protection Hat which retails for $15.00.  It is nice and big so it offers extra protection to delicate baby skin, including their little shoulders.  It is made from UV-protective fabric rated 50SPF+.

Perfect timing because we have an outdoor birthday party this weekend!  Sara will be adorable and protected at the same time.  Mama likes.

What’s this?

Speaking of sun protection…

Those yummy looking bottles are travel size versions of Episencial Sunny Sunscreen, made with minerals instead of yucky, harsh chemicals, to protect baby’s skin.  The lotion is nice and creamy, not greasy, and with no weird after smell like some sunscreens have.

Sara says they look good enough to eat.  But, to her, all things look that way.

This is Green Toys Stacking Cups, retail price $10.99.  No BPA or PVC, and they are made completely from recycled milk jugs!  How cool is that?  We have their tugboat, also made from recycled milk jugs.  It is a bath time favorite and very well made.  One spiffy thing about these cups, they teach math!  They are numbered on the bottom and are volumetrically accurate.  For example, if you fill cups 1 and 2, they will equal the volume of cup 3.  Ummm, that’s cool.

She already looks smarter, just holding the box!  I love how she is seriously studying the package.

We got a yummy snack in our box this month as well.  This is Plum Organics Greek Yogurt Blends, which retails for $1.49.  Organic fruit and veggie blended with yogurt, I am sure it will be a hit with Little Miss Saraphina.

If she can wait for me to open it for her…

This is the Kooshies Beach Bag, which retails for $7.99.  It is a breathable, lightweight backpack, perfect for throwing swimsuits, toys, sunscreen, snacks, you name it inside.  I also like that you can see through it, so you can instantly see what is inside.  Or what you forgot to put inside.  Not that I would forget anything…

This month, we generously received yet another $15 giftcard, this time to  Just an added little extra for a belated Mother’s Day gift.  Nice touch.

And as always, there was the insert from Citrus Lane describing the products, offering bonus coupon codes and handy little tips for moms.

Adding it all up, this month’s value was over $50!  And I didn’t have to leave my home to get all these great goodies, they were all delivered right to my door.  That is awesome in my book.

If you are interested in joining Citrus Lane, so you too can get these awesome goodies delivered right to your door, sign up HERE.  I wrote a review of last month’s box as well, along with more details on how the service works.  You can find that post HERE.

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