Family Tree

I love any craft or project that uses hand prints, feet prints, etc because it is a constant reminder of how tiny the kids hands and feet were at one time.  Dirty hand prints and feet prints smudged around the house don’t count.  It’s not the same.

While perusing Pinterest, I came across several similar projects that utilize the entire family’s hand prints.  I decided that our home required one, and thusly, a craft was born.

I started with a large piece of poster board.  The one I got was actually more like nice paper, a creamy color, but it was found at Michaels by the poster board and it was less than a dollar.  With my favorite chocolate brown paint, I painted a tree trunk and branches.

Are you in awe with my tree making skillz?  Me neither, but it will work.  Trust me.  It’s just going to look dumb until the leaves are in place.  Now, for the leaves, we are using hand prints!  I bought several colors of Martha Stewart Craft paints that coordinated to use as the leaves.  You can choose any colors you like.  I wanted something light and able to be used year round so I chose lighter colors, but again, use whatever colors you like.

It’s a jazz hands tree!  Those are rare, you know.  For the hand prints, you are going to want to slather the paint on the hands pretty thickly.  Like, a lot more than you would think.  Really glop it on.  The kids loved it, and it washes off very easily.

I was worried how the little kids hands would turn out.  Slapping paint on a 2 year old and at the time a 9 month old…..well, it seemed like a recipe for disaster.  I definitely needed help.  Abe held on to the kid and I used their little hand as a squirmy little stamp.  Surprisingly, they turned out really well!  I think I got lucky.  It could have easily gone awry at any moment.  It’s not a hard craft, so it could be done again if need be, but that could get annoying.

To finish off the family tree, I used lettering and then I framed it in a large frame I used a 40% coupon on at Michaels.

I love it!  I think it turned out adorable, and I love being able to look at the tree and see how small the kids hands were.  It can also be easily added to.  Heck, I even know what paint colors I want to use for the next hand prints we will be adding.  No, not an announcement.  But the tree could definitely use a few more “leaves”.



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