Oh, hello again,ojo rojo!


I said I wanted to be quarantined, when the kids had gloopy snot pouring out of their inflamed little eye balls.  I wanted a mini vacay, hiding in my room, enjoying the quiet, having someone wait on me hand and foot.  I wanted to avoid the cooties, the icky eyes, the aggravation of it all.

You don’t always get what you want.

Here I sit, at my computer at 3am, squinting between gloopy eye boogers.  I’ve been infected.  Not cool.

It started with terrible allergies that I believe turned into a sinus infection.  I don’t know if it was a natural progression from the sinus infection, or if a rogue kid cootie attacked me when I wasn’t looking.  But I am most definitely hit.

There is no hope left for me.  Don’t look directly into my eyes, it may very well cause nausea.  Let this be a lesson on how incredibly dangerous being a mommy can be.

Go on now, save yourself.

One thought on “Oh, hello again,ojo rojo!

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