I’m telling you, they can’t write the crazy things my kids do.  And thank goodness, right?  My blog, though it would still be completely awesome, would be much less entertaining with out the ridiculous things the kiddos say and do.

We had a crazy weekend, but then, I can’t remember a weekend since having kids that has not been crazy.  We got out to do some Good Will hunting, which always makes me happy.  No big treasure finds this time, but I did get a handful of clothes and books for the kids.  I can never say no when they ask for a book, it’s my weakness.  We are all big book nerds in this house.

We also made a trip to Trader Joe’s.  Oh my goodness, I love Trader Joe’s!  Everything about it!  The products, the prices, the atmosphere!  They have little shopping carts for the babies to push around and shop with you.  Come on now, that is adorable!  And genius!  Although, I would imagine that a large number of people get ran into from overly excited pint size shoppers.  Still, very cool.

While at Trader Joe’s, Mama got adventurous and bought some fish.  Mama does not like fish.  The smell alone nauseates me.  I wanted to give it another fair try though, and the kids definitely don’t eat enough of it because I can’t stand it.  Well.  I tried.  Still completely grody in my opinion.  But the kids gobbled it up.  “I never knew fish was so tasty!”, Bella exclaimed.  Good for them!  Guess I’ll have to put up with the smell more often for their sake.  Won’t be any narsty fishies on my plate though.

What’s a weekend without a little drama?  Yes, the crazy telenovela that is my parental relationship is still just as over dramatic and ridiculous as usual.  Here’s the thing, and it’s the last thing I will say about it all.  Yay?  My dad told my mom that my husband does not care about her and does not give a (insert expletive here) if she lives or dies.  He seriously said that.  To the sick, depressed woman that he is “trying to protect.”  Not only is it an absolutely ridiculous lie, but it is just mean and hurtful.  And ugly.  My husband is the kindest, gentlest, most thoughtful, wonderful man on this planet.  He loves my mother as if she were his own.  My father as well.  They were his family.  Now, here is where Abe and I are complete polar opposites.  He would be happy to drop it all and pretend like nothing ever happened.


See, I can not do that.  It is not going to happen.  When you have a problem with my husband, you have a problem with me.  And I know how to carry a grudge.  I am Latina, it’s in my blood.  My husband and my children are my priority.  They are my life, everything in my world revolves around them.  I refuse to overlook the vicious, nastiness.  As far as I am concerned, unless my dad comes begging on his knees for forgiveness from Abe, which will never happen, then this will never die.  My husband’s feeling were deeply hurt.  That only fueled my anger.

Does it upset my mom?  Yes!  Of course!  But you know what?  Everything was fine until my father declared World War 3.  He started it, only he can end it.  I am checking out.

You know that old saying, “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me”?  Mintieras!  Words hurt most of all.


5 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. Love the weekend finds and I am aleays bying books for the grandkids and myself.So much cheaper.I love my Hungarian WOrk Horse with all my heart too.Hope all goes well with your family.God Bless

  2. Lol @ the comic! A house full of kiddos makes things fun, albeit exhausting lol! I used to be like that with fish, and now that I’ve openly tried just about everything…I’m still like that with fish LOL! Just cod and catfish mostly, fried, is good stuff haha.

    I just can’t believe anyone would say that about Abe! Seeing him on Halloween with ur Dad, they’re always so excited to be working together and he always seemed to fit with your Mom as if that was his family as much as yours! That’s just hurtful, I’m with ya 100%! My Mom did the same thing to Ian last Thanksgiving, and I bit her head off in the nastiest of ways, which started the no-speaking deal over the holidays.

    I hope that doesn’t happen with you guys, but totally understand either way. Poor Abe! Eventually Ian let my Mom’s comments about him just roll off. I think that’s just how they deal though, with us fired up crazycrackers, it’s part of their charm 🙂

    • I can’t imagine anyone having anything bad to say about Ian! Or Abe! Seriously, are there two nicer, non confrontational people out there? Geez!

      I don’t know what the deal is, I was going to go over there this weekend and just have it out with him myself but then I decided against it. I know we are innocent in all of this. They are pulling Daniel and probably Kimmy into it now, serving up the crazy Kool Aid. We are above it. We just are. This was all unprovoked and too many nasty, hurtful things have been said. By them, not us. Anyone who believes we are evil terrible people, well, they can just stay away. I have a temper, I will admit that. But Abe, I’m sorry, there is nothing he could ever do in his life that can be called evil.

      What happened is unfortunate, but obviously, if that is what is thought of us, we are better off without that drama in our life.

      I like my drama on tv, not in real life. Just sayin’. 😛

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