It was not Rohan Marley or Mr Coffee this time…

But you can read about that nasty event HERE. (By the way, the Marley Coffee people contacted me right away through that post, as you can see, promising to send a replacement coffee.  That was two months ago, still no Marley Coffee…Just sayin’.)

This morning was hectic.  I had four kids hooting and hollering while I tried to quickly get my morning coffee.  I was distracted, doing too many different things at once.  Answering questions, diffusing fights, tripping over the dog, all while wiping down the counters and anxiously awaiting my caffeine fix.

And then I saw this:

I had forgotten to put my coffee mug on the machine.  My coffee filled the overflow tray, as you can see, and then trickled over to the counter, wasting a river of perfectly good coffee.  I almost just grabbed a straw and sucked it up anyway.  But it was bus stop time.


The Keurig needs a dumbass sensor.  When you attempt to brew coffee without a mug, a voice in a Dutch accent needs to say, “I can’t help but notice you forgot to place your coffee mug in position before attempting to brew your coffee.  You are too dumb for my excellence today.  Try again some other time, sukkel.”

At least then, maybe one could be shamed into remembering to use a mug next time.  Just sayin’.


3 thoughts on “It was not Rohan Marley or Mr Coffee this time…

  1. Angie — Mike at Blue Wolf here…we did send you a package of Marley Coffee on April 13…the day we were originally in touch! I’m so sorry you didn’t receive it; you should have emailed me. Feel awful about it. Just had a package put together and should arrive by end of week. If you don’t have it by Monday, please email me! Thanks and Enjoy. One Love! – Mike

    • Hola Mike!

      No need to feel awful! I’m looking forward to trying Marley Coffee again. I’ll be sure and let you know as soon as I receive the package, and will most definitely share here with my readers. 🙂

      Tenga un buen dia!


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