That thing that goes at the end of a sentence

1957 - Kotex Advertisement

Ya know, a period.  Been lots of period talk lately.  I received an invitation to a “Period Party” in my inbox from Nickelodeon.  A fun way to talk to my daughters about menstruation!  Erm…

Then I received a flyer in the mail, also referring to the “Period Party” and advertising special tween pads and liners with pretty little hearts and stars all over them.  Uhhh….

My baby girls are 6 and almost 1.  I don’t like even thinking about my own period, and now I need to start telling them the wonders of their own?  So soon?


I decided too soon is better than too late and I ever so calmly in passing told Bella about her impending acceptance into womanhood.  I was very awesomely cool about it.  That’s just my way.  I told her it’s a good thing to get your period because that means your body is working like it’s supposed to.  I also told her that it means that one day she will be able to have babies of her very own.  After she graduates from medical school and marries a doctor and is financially stable and well into her thirties.

She asked if boys get periods.  “Nope.  Only girls, that’s is one of the many ways we are better than boys.”  We both giggled at that.  The truth is funny.

She didn’t seem scared or freaked out, and I told her she could ask me questions any time she wants.  Then I gave her a cookie and we went to Build A Bear.

True story.


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