Monkey Balm!

This is my little monkey, Noah.  (That’s his little monkey sitting next to him there.)

Of all four of my little monkeys, Noah is definitely by far the fairest in complexion, and in turn has the most sensitive skin.  (He looks really Mexican in this photo, doesn’t he?  I’m telling you, I have no idea how this Latina mama has all these fair, blonde babies!)

At his two year check up several months ago, he was diagnosed with Keratosis Pilaris.  To simplify, he has what we lovingly call “gator skin”.  He gets these rough, dry patches on his arms, legs and his cheeks.  Sometimes, he even gets it on his little tummy.  It feels like very dry skin, almost sand paper like, and has raised little flesh colored bumps.  Nothing visible, but you can certainly feel the roughness.

Our pediatrician wasn’t concerned at all.  She said we could try lotions, but that they probably wouldn’t work.  Not exactly what I wanted to hear.  We have tried lotions, every kind under the sun, but have not found any one that works particularly well.

While doing some online research, I happened to stumble across Monkey Balm.

100% all natural relief for dry skin and eczema.  Their site claims that their product can improve eczema and extreme dry skin in just three days.  There was no specific mention of Keratosis Pilaris, but I definitely wanted to see if this product could offer some relief to my little Noey Bean.

Monkey Balm comes in these huge, lip balm like containers.  It is made with organic Sea Buckthorn oils, the very first ingredient in their magic sticks that is clinically proven to improve the symptoms of eczema, extreme dryness, burns and wounds.  It is all natural, glides on very smoothly and has a very mild, pleasant organic scent to it.

This has become a highly anticipated ritual for Noah!  He loves the monkey on the container, and the balm is very smooth and completely non irritating.  But does it work?

YES!  In less than three days, his cheeks have completely cleared up!  As a mama, feeling the roughness on my baby’s cheeks was the worst of all.  While Noah never acted as though the condition bothered him, I felt sad that his little face was affected.  There is currently not a single trace of bumps or roughness on his face.

His legs and arms are very greatly improved as well.  The roughness has greatly lessened, and while he still has the small raised bumps, his skin is absolutely in much better condition after just the few short days that we have been using this awesome product.

On the balm, it also mentions that it can improve rosacea, a fun little condition I developed during pregnancy that never really went away.  I have been using it on my trouble spots and am noticing much softer, soothed skin.  That is exciting!

And while we are experimenting, Abe has even been putting the balm on his dry, cracked feet.  Oh, his feet are terrible!  I call them “mummy feet”, they are so scary looking!  But he has been using the balm and the dry, painful itching has disappeared.

It looks like our family is now officially a Monkey Balm family!  I was completely sold when my Noah’s face cleared up, but all the extra little benefits, well, it has definitely earned a well loved permanent spot in our family medicine cabinet.  And diaper bag.  And purse.  And nursery.  You get the idea.

Please read more about Monkey Balm HERE.    You can learn more about Organic Sea Buckthorn, its many health benefits, how this product is made and more.

Go “like” the Monkey Balm Facebook page HERE.  This is an awesome way to keep up to date with the company and even to learn up to date deals they are having on their amazing Monkey Balm!  Right now, they are offering free shipping when you buy two sticks!  Give them a try, I think you are going to love them!

Follow Monkey Balm on Twitter HERE.

The awesome people at Balmers very generously gave me Monkey Balm for free so that I could review their product and share it with all of you.  I was not compensated in any other way, and I really am in love with this amazing, organic and natural product that has vastly improved my son’s Keratosis Pilaris.  We are a Monkey Balm family for life!


6 thoughts on “Monkey Balm!

  1. Noah is such a cutie!! I love his pretty porcelain skin ❤

    Definitely gotta get some of that Monkey Balm! I've had "chicken bumps" on my arms, er my whole life, and Celia inherited that nasty trait it looks like. Never thought anything could get rid of it, since lotion doesn't work. What an awesome product! 😀

    • Bella had a touch of it on her legs when she was little bitty, but it cleared up. Lucky girl! I have a slight case on my arms, must be those awesome genes we share. lol Monkey Balm is great though, completely natural, no funky chemicals, and I love the way it dispenses, no mess, easy to store. And it cleared up my baby’s face, so YAY! 😀

  2. Hi! This is Stephanie from Led By The Shepherd! I had to comment here – two of my three kids also have keratosis pilaris. I’ve never really sought anything to eliminate it because it doesn’t seem to bother them very often – only every once in a while one will complain that it is itchy. When that happens, I usually just apply some body lotion to ease the itching. They have it on the backs of their upper arms and their legs and it would be great to find something to get rid of it!. I think I will try this Monkey Balm! Thanks for the suggestion!

    • Welcome, Stephanie! 😀

      I was very pleasantly surprised at how well the Monkey Balm worked on the Keratosis Pilaris. It cleared up Noah’s cheeks very quickly, and his arms and legs are drastically improved. I think you will really like this product. 🙂

  3. Hi there
    I am really enjoying checking our your blog!
    That was a great product write up on monkey balm, I am sold lady!
    do you promote products and businesses regularly? or sponsor with them?
    I have just started publishing a few weeks ago and want to ask how you
    got that great tool of getting your name on the bottom of your images?
    this techno Luddite is ready to learn!

    • Hi there!

      Thank you for the compliments, I have been enjoying your blog as well! 🙂 The spiffy watermark on my photos is actually Photoshop magic that my husband made for me and then taught me how to edit onto my photos as I go. I have to admit, technology is not my best subject. lol I’m much better with my hands. Before I had my hubby help with my current watermark, I had done research, and there are actually sites that will put a mark on your photos for you for sharing.

      I’m sorry I’m not more helpful. I feel quite dumb when it comes to most things gadget-y. 😛

      All the best,


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