One Girl, Many Cups

My baby girl will be one year old tomorrow.  Holytimewarp, Batman!  It seems like only yesterday I was enjoying all the lovely perks of pregnancy, the nausea, swelling, heartburn, joint pain, symphysis pubic dysfunction, you know, all the fun stuff.  And now, right before my eyes, my tiny little baby has grown into a beautiful, albeit very strongly opinionated, little girl.

Any mama worth her weight in fruit snacks can tell you that babies are supposed to be drinking from a sippy cup exclusively by the age of one.  That’s what all the experts say in all of those overpriced parenting books.  And on some babies, that works.  Matt and Bella took sippy cups by age one without looking back.  Noah never drank from a bottle.  In fact, he was offended if you offered him one.  He was a booby baby, but he was able to transition to a sippy cup between feedings without any problem.

And then there was Sara.

Yes, we introduced the cup at around six months, as is advised.  We offer it to her often.  We have tried every sippy cup style we can find, this girl just likes her bottles.  We went through a particularly rough nursing strike several months ago and never recovered fully from it.  Most all of her Mommy Moo is the expressed variety in her favorite Playtex Nurser.  Sippy cups are fun to play with, but when she really wants a drink, you better give her that bottle, or risk the worst baby tantrum ever.

Is that terrible?

I mean, will she be ruined for life if she is still drinking from a bottle when she magically turns one year old tomorrow?  Probably not.  Won’t it be more stressful forcing her to drink from a sippy cup, listening to her scream and cry, with those sad, tear filled little eyes?  Is it really that terrible?

Nah.  I’m not worried about it.  You are talking to a mama who doesn’t wean her babies from the binky until their third birthday.  Yes, Noah still uses a pacifier.  At nap time and at bed time.  No, I don’t feel bad.  Yes, I know you are horrified.  Go ahead and ask me if I care.  (Pssst…..I don’t.)

Every baby is different.  There are guidelines, sure.  Some babies will fall happily within those guidelines, while others march to their own funky little beat.

Sara’s funky beat says, ” No sippy cups!”

Mama says, “Whatevs.”


3 thoughts on “One Girl, Many Cups

  1. Loved this post because we go over these same issues and realize that every kid is different and don’t care what other people think.I will tell you that my cousin Judy told me that she let her Uncle Cecil in the house late at night when she was little.The next morning her mom asked Uncle how he got in and he told her ,Oh Jude was up making herself a bottle and let me in.Can you imagine! God’s Blessings

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