Fun Bites!

Okay, this is a really awesome product!  As a mommy to little ones, I spend a lot of time cutting up their food into bite size pieces.  Like, a lot of time.  Fun Bites is a kitchen tool that instantly cuts up kid friendly foods into bite sized pieces!

There are two varieties of Fun Bites, Cube It!, which cuts the food into 12 bite sized cubes and Luv It!, which cuts the food into a big heart using 10 geometric shapes.  I received the Cube It! for my review, and I have been having a blast making meals more fun, and less work, for the ninos!

The first thing I used the Fun Bites on was a yummy quesadilla!  Hey, tortillas reign supreme in mi casa!  How fun does that plate look?  And yummy too!

This, mis amigos, is one very happy little boy!  He very happily gobbled up his healthy lunch, and thought the bite sized squares were both hilarious and delicious.

The strawberry jam sandwiches got a bit messy, I think it’s because the bread was too soft.  But that’s okay, the tiger cookies just wanted a piece of the yummy jam action and shredded the bread a little.  My kids thought this was hysterical!

Do you have a melon baller?  Me neither.  But you know what?  In the time it takes to make 3 melon balls, I have 36 melon cubes.  I don’t know about you, but I love saving time, so that is game changing for me!  Plus, again, it makes fruit fun for the kiddos.  I can just imagine the 3D castles and igloos that will be made out of melon cubes this summer.  Awesome times a thousand.

Besides making convenient, bite sized pieces, Fun Bites truly make meal time fun!  What kid wouldn’t want to devour their food when it is in fun shapes?  I have had great luck getting even my picky eaters to eat a more healthy food, just because of the fun shapes.  And having the fun shapes, definitely inspires me to make up the fun scenes for the kiddos, which makes meal time even more fun.  Win-win, wouldn’t you agree?

Fun Bites is not a flimsy little tool, either.  I was surprised with its weight and sturdiness!  This is definitely a tool that will be well used for years to come in my house.

Learn more about Fun Bites by visiting their website HERE.

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The awesome people at Fun Bites sent me a sample for free so that I could review it and share it’s awesomeness with you all.  You’re welcome.  Now go get one and make something awesome!


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