Shutter Huggers

Does that look familiar?  It seems like every time I try and get great pictures of the babies, I need a circus behind me to try and get their attention.  Sometimes it works….usually not so much.

I was very excited when I heard about Shutter Huggers.  It’s one of those things that will leave you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

So what are they?

Little stuffed animal friends that go directly onto your camera!  It instantly grabs your child’s attention and makes them look exactly where you want them to, at the camera!  No circus needed!

Even with toys in her lap, Saraphina couldn’t help but look at her little giraffe friend.  Que brillante!

There is a great variety of stuffed friends you can choose from in the Shutter Hugger line, ranging from monkeys and elephants, to Christmas elves and princess designs.  They even have plans to come out with a mini version this year, that will easily fit on your smart phone, tablet, camera or video camera.  It’s a simple, but very awesome and very effective product!

You can purchase Shutter Huggers on, Asseenontv.comB&, or even from their own website at

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The awesome folks at Shutter Huggers provided me with the giraffe Shutter Hugger to review and share with you all.  I was not compensated in any other way.

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