The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead (season 2)


So, I happened upon a Walking Dead marathon this weekend on AMC.  Awesome!  I love zombies.  I don’t know what it is, but they are just at the top of my horror list.  Vampires, meh.  Werewolves, boring.  Zombies?  Oh yeah, baby!

But they have to be the right kind of zombie.  Not the crazed lunatic, running around at warp speed, foaming at the mouth.  No, those zombies suck.  I like the slow, rotting, shambling zombies.  That’s how it’s supposed to be done.

Anyway, back to The Walking Dead.  I love that show.  It’s like a brand new, hour long zombie movie every single week during it’s far too short season.  We re-watched the season finale last night, along with a new live edition of Talking Dead, where they spoke about season 3 and showed a short clip to wet our zombie loving taste buds.  (When I say we, obviously I mean Abe and I, not the kiddos.  Just to clarify.)

They are promising zombies galore in season 3, and having introduced Michone in the season 2 finale, along with the glimpse of the prison, I think this season is going to be the best yet.  Plus, they got rid of Shane, so yay!

We have to wait until October for new episodes, which seems so far away.  Let’s hope Lori can learn to keep her eye on Carl during the break.  Just sayin’.


3 thoughts on “The Walking Dead

  1. Zombies scare the living day light out of me. But this is one show I love (though I can only watch it with someone else and never alone) 🙂

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