The Leakey Collection

I recently had the opportunity to learn about an amazing company that not only sells beautiful, environmentally sustainable jewelry, but also puts a percentage of every sale right back into the amazing women who make their items.  The Maasai women of Kenya.

Zulugrass jewelry is actually made by hand, by these women.  The grass is harvested and cut into bead sized pieces before being dyed into beautiful colors and then strung with glass beads.  The elastic that the jewelry is strung on is actually the same elastic that was used to suspend Spiderman in the movies, so it is incredibly strong!

And being on that strong elastic, means this jewelry is extremely versatile!  You can wear it as bracelets, necklaces, ankle bracelets, belts, hair adornment, whatever you can think of, you can use the Zulugrass jewelry to add a unique look.

“Zulugrass concept was born out of need. A devastating drought in Kenya in 2001 forced the men to leave behind the women and children, so they could take the surviving cattle far up country in search of grazing land. As a result, the Leakey’s found themselves supporting as many as 100 Maasai families by giving them money for food, school fees, medical expenses and housing. This was not sustainable for either party and the Leakeys knew they had to find another way. 

What transpired has become a successful business and philanthropic endeavor for the Leakeys and the Massai people. Distributed to over 1200 retail outlets and available for purchase online (, the Leakey Collection’s Zulugrass jewelry provides beautiful, handmade accessories to brighten a woman’s look and offers a sustainable way of life for the nomadic people of Kenya. Not only are the Massai women paid for their work and given the flexibility they need to maintain their jobs, 5% of profits go back to supporting infrastructure in the Rift Valley of Kenya.”

On the website, you can learn more about the Leakey’s, about the Maasai people, and purchase items from the gorgeous collection.  There is something amazing about holding a piece of jewelry in your hands that you know was hand made, from grass and beads, by an artisan far away in Kenya.  There are no factories involved.  The women sit under the acacia trees to craft these pieces.

Check out The Leakey Collection on their website by clicking HERE.

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The kind folks at The Leakey Collection provided me with a sample of their beautiful jewelry for review purposes and so I could share their amazing company and products with my readers.  I was not compensated in any other way.


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