Buddy Fruits

Summer is in full swing, and now that the kids are out of school, they are always asking to be fed.  What’s up with that?

We had the fun opportunity to try out Buddy Fruits, a line of 100% fruit snacks and pouches that give your kids a full serving of fruit in each package.  That is pretty cool!

On every package, it tells you exactly how many fruits were used to make the snack.  For example, in these pomegranate and acai fruit snacks:

They used 7.2 oz of fresh apple and 5.3 oz of fresh pomegranate.  The rest of the ingredients are fruits extract, apple juice concentrate, grenade juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, fruit pectin, natural flavor, glazing agent.  That’s it.  No sugar, no corn syrup, no weird chemicals.  And the snacks are good!  The kids were begging for more!

Bella chose a banana smoothie pouch, made with skim milk.  She loved it!

Matt chose apple strawberry, which he said was super yummy.

So much so, he made sure he got every last drop out of that pouch!

Another cool thing about Buddy Fruits, the packages are resealable!  Even the fruit snacks!  Now, I’ve never had a problem with Matt or Bella not finishing their fruit snacks, but Noah?  Definitely.  And I love being able to reseal the package to keep the snack fresh.  The pouches are just as easy to reseal, the top just screws right back on!  Love it!

And they are just as yummy and easy to use for the little guys too!  Noah had no problem using the Buddy Fruits pouch and he loved the taste.  That’s saying something for Noah, because he is my picky eater.  This is a perfect, healthy snack that the kids will be begging for.  Believe me, mine have been since they tried them!

The kids are happy because they are getting sweet, yummy snacks and Mama is happy because they are getting a serving of fruit with no added junk.  Yay Buddy Fruits!

Want some more good news?  Buddy Fruits are really easy to find!  In fact, I’m sure they are in a store near you!  You can find them in Walmart!  You can also visit their website for a full list of stores that carry Buddy Fruits, along with online retailers, more information on their company, and even fun interactive games for the kiddos.

Visit the Buddy Fruits website by clicking HERE.

“Like” Buddy Fruits on Facebook by clicking HERE.

Follow Buddy Fruits on Twitter by clicking HERE.

The kind folks at Buddy Fruits provided my family with samples of their products to review and share with my readers.  I was not compensated in any other way, and my ninos are most definitely hooked on their yummy snacks!


2 thoughts on “Buddy Fruits

  1. my daughter is like a bottomless pit, yet she resembles a string bean?! she loves applesauce pouches, but we haven’t tried this brand before. looks great and i love the idea of resealable fruit snacks!

    • I have a string bean bottomless pit in my home too! lol Yeah, the resealable snacks were really appealing to me, I hate anything to go to waste. And I sneaked a taste here and there, everything tastes good too. 🙂

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