The Dentist

Tooth Fairy (film)

Matt and Bella had a 6 month dental visit on Saturday morning that they were waaaaaay too excited about.  I don’t know about you, but I never in my life enjoyed going to the dentist.  I’m sure that has nothing to do with the fact that I got my first dental crown on a baby tooth when I was five years old.  Don’t judge.  That was the coolest looking robo tooth when it finally fell out!  I thought for sure the tooth fairy would fork over some extra bills for that one.  No such luck.

None of my kiddos have ever had even the tiniest little cavity.  They have perfectly cleaned teeth and always get praised for the good work at their check ups.  Their dental office also has arcade games and stickers and prizes and a big salt water aquarium and birds and…well, its paradise to the kids.

The only thing that was said is that Isabella needs to pull out her two bottom baby teeth, or we need to go back in two months to have them pulled. Um, no, she can pull them out.  I would like to keep that eighty bucks in my pocket, thank you very much!  As it turns out, she has an adult tooth popping in behind one of those baby teeth.  Kind of gnarly looking.  Like a shark mouth, with rows of teeth.  But with less teeth.  That are less sharp. And a cuter face, because sharks are kind of ugly.

I digress.

So, we have been constantly hounding her to wiggle those teeth.  Abe has wiggled them for her, Matt has wiggled them for her, I have….watched and cringed.

When I was a kid, the second I felt like a tooth was loose, that baby was out by the end of the day.  Yeah, it hurt like crazy, but I didn’t spend months with loose teeth in my mouth.  I will admit, when she first told me her tooth was loose, it was right before dance pictures, so I told her not to wiggle them.  That plan kind of backfired because her group pictures were all still ruined by this kid making horrific faces in every single one.  I mean, every single one.  Seriously, what the heck?

Hopefully these teeth come out soon because I hate to see the blood and the loose tooth hanging by the roots.  Blech!


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