Blanket My Baby Review

Naptime and bedtime are celebrated events in this casa.  With four babies running around and causing chaos at every turn, the quiet time is an oh so welcome break from all the mayhem.  My little Saraphina has just recently decided that she does just fine with only one nap during the day.  (That sound you hear would be my not so quiet weeping as I mourn her multiple naps of days past.  Pass a tissue please.)

Something that has helped prolong naptime for the kiddos in the past is having a favorite stuffed animal or blanket that helped to calm and soothe them off to a more restful sleep.  What if you combined the stuffed animal and blanket into one, compact little lovey?  And what if it was made with buttery soft material and also could be personalized with your precious little angel’s name?  Something like this:

Is that insanely cute, or what?  At, they have a large assortment of animal/blankie combos that are super adorable and that can be embroidered with your little one’s name to make a uniquely personalized gift that they will cherish for years to come.  Wouldn’t this make an amazing baby shower gift?  It is a perfect size for little hands and it is machine washable!  Not that it would ever get dirty, kids are so neat and tidy.  Ha!

I am a sucker for anything personalized, and you have a choice of fonts and thread colors to match the blanket of your choice.  We are girly girls in this house, so the obvious choice was, of course,  pink.  I was really impressed with the nice quality of both the adorable blanket and the embroidered name.  This is something I would be very proud to give as a gift!  And imagine the reaction you would get by gifting such a thoughtful and personalized creation!

Sara was very quick to latch onto her new blankie, and I notice her holding it near her face and rubbing the velvet-y soft material between her little fingers.  It is most definitely a comfort to her, and hopefully it will result in some longer, more restful nap times!  Hey, a mama can dream, can’t she?

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The awesome folks at Blanket My Baby provided me with a blanket free of charge in order for me to review their products and share their awesome company with my readers.  I was not compensated in any other way and I really am in love with their adorable, personalized baby blankets!

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