Lightning struck…..our tree.

This summer has been insanely hot and dry.  We have been so far past due for some good rain, so when the storms rolled in on Friday night, it was a comfort, knowing that we were getting some much-needed precipitation.

I woke up in the middle of the night to a very loud crash.  I sleep with ear plugs and a sound machine because Abe snores like nobody’s business, so for something to wake me up, well, it has to be pretty loud.  It was storming pretty good at the time, so I assumed that what I had heard was a loud clap of thunder.  I managed to go back to sleep, but I was woken up from the storm a few more times through the night.

Saturday morning, as Matt was taking the dog out, he opened the back door and quite dramatically announced that there was a huge branch in the yard.  Knowing how our kids like to over exaggerate, we assumed there were a few stray branches strewn about the yard.  I decided to look for myself.


Well, what do you know, the kid actually under exaggerated the huge branch.

Upon opening the back door, we were immediately greeted with a large portion of the huge tree that had fallen from the storms.  Probably the loud crash that woke me up in the middle of it all.


Closer inspection seems to indicate that the tree was struck by lightning.  We were actually lucky that the tree fell how it did because as you can tell from the first picture, this tree is crazy close to the power lines.  And of course, it also missed our house and our neighbors house, which was a huge blessing.


We have tree guys coming out this morning to chop it all up and haul it away.  I don’t know if they will have to take down the entire tree yet or not.  The tree is definitely shifting though, and it is leaning pretty heavily on our house and another tree.  Hopefully once it’s all chopped up, we’ll see there was no lasting damage to anything.

So how was your weekend?  Less chaotic, I would hope!


4 thoughts on “Lightning struck…..our tree.

  1. Holy Cow! Now I have to tell you that I was laughing because of the ear plugs and sound machine.I just pictured in my head a disco ball above the bed and pjs with bell bottoms,sorry my mind is like that.Hope all goes well with your clean up and thank God you were all safe.Blessings Liz

  2. Whoa. I’m glad you guys (and your home) are safe!! We live nestled in the woods and while we really don’t like to cut trees down every year my husband inspects the trees in close proximity to the house and over the last 11 years we’ve had three removed in fear that they would come down on us!

    • That’s smart! It was pretty crazy waking up to a tree on the back steps. It definitely made us look differently at the rest of the trees surrounding our house. Think we’ll be doing some more tree trimming this weekend.

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