This was our first year growing cucumbers, and I have to say, they have enjoyed their luxurious stay in our front earth box!  The vines exploded from the box, trying to choke out the tomatoes and quickly pulling down the trellis we installed to help keep it upright.  Hidden in all the ginormous leaves, we found equally ginormous cukes.


That isn’t even the biggest one we grew!

With our bounty of giant cucumbers, I decided that a batch of homemade canned pickles was in order.  I slaved away, not really, and made a batch yesterday in the afternoon lull of naptime.


Added a touch of garlic, some black  peppercorns and fresh sprigs of dill for flavor and because they look pretty.  I gotta say, I love canning from our garden!  It’s fresh, it’s delicious, it’s economical and dare I say, it’s just plain awesome.  Hope my family and friends like pickles.  I think these will go nicely with some fall canning of apple butter and applesauce.  Well, not to eat together.  But as a gift.  You know what I mean.


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