Happy Labor Day!

Last week was a wee bit too eventful for my liking.  Poor Sara had her first tummy bug, I had the awesome idea to ruin, erm, fix our kitchen table, Bella’s birthday party had to be changed at the last second, and so on and so on and so on.

As much as I was looking forward to the long weekend, I am ready to get Abe back to work and the kids back to school.  I am ready to get the house back in order, and start planning the fun fall activities that we look forward to each year.

Apple picking was done super early this year, since the orchards were ripe a full month ahead of time.  I have loads of apple recipes floating around my head, but I’m not sure if our stash will last for me to make them all.  The Golden and Red Delicious apples we picked were so yummy, and as it turns out, Noah and Sara love them some fresh picked apples.  At the orchard, we gave Sara an apple to nibble on and that baby ate every last bit of it, seeds and all.


Oh well, I guess I can replenish my stash from the Farmer’s Market or local grocery store.

I hope you are all having an awesome Labor Day weekend with your family!  And if you are looking forward to them all leaving your house again tomorrow, well amen sistah friend, I’ll drink to that!


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