Chinese Evergreen Flowering

It has been years since I have kept houseplants, mostly because our kitties like to chew on them, rip them to shreds, and then, adding insult to injury, sleep on top of the dying plant.  Cats are evil, what can I say?  Also, when it comes to houseplants, my thumbs are undoubtedly black.  If the cats didn’t murder them, my neglect would before long.

This past May, whilst browsing the plant section at Lowes, I noticed some house plants that were advertised as both pretty and easy to care for.  Their tags said “Plants of Steel”, so I decided to accept the challenge and see if they really are as tough as their tags imply.  Well, four months later, I am shocked and happy to say that they are not only still alive, but they are thriving!

*happy dance*

This morning, I noticed my Chinese Evergreen, also called Aglaonema, is flowering.


Happy plants make flowers, not sad and dying ones.  I declare myself the best gardener/houseplant keeper in the whole entire world.  Yes, the whole entire world.  Now don’t ruin my moment, just ooo and ahhh along with me.

4 thoughts on “Chinese Evergreen Flowering

  1. I love the thought of having house plants and even a garden one day…but my black thumb and history of neglect tells me to leave them alone. However, I was blessed and cursed by one of my girlfriends who gave me a small plant; one of the viney evergreen ones…one of the ones you get at the grocery store’s flower isle. Well, she gave me that plant the day my son was born…10 months ago. It’s still alive & will not die…I’ll forget about it, it’ll start to brown and then I become guilt riddent; add a little water and its back to green. So, I think I will give it a friend; perhaps the Chinese Evergreen!

    • Shemeika, you sound like me with the guilt over neglecting plants! lol I’m telling you, the Chinese Evergreen will do wonders to your black thumb! They like low light and only require watering about every two weeks. If I haven’t killed it yet, I know it’s hardy! 🙂 You’ll have to let me know if you get one and what you think. They are pretty nifty.

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