Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink and Type.

English: QWERTY keyboard, on 2007 Sony Vaio la...

Do you want to hear something crazy?

As it turns out, spilling half a glass of soda on a keyboard tends to make said keyboard work a lot less.  I might even say that it would break a keyboard, causing a person to go through computer and internet withdrawal as they try everything they can to try and fix the keyboard before they are forced to go out and spend money buying a brand new one and swearing to never drink anything anywhere near keyboards ever again.

Or…..maybe if the soda had been in a sippy cup….

Well, anyway, this post is brought to you by a brand spanking new keyboard.  One bought quite begrudgingly, and after several attempts to revive the old one.  Sadly, the old board just could not be revived.  It’s last words were “qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq.”  I think that roughly translates to “Thank you for the soda, I can die happy now.”  Fulfilling life long dreams, it’s what I do.


3 thoughts on “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink and Type.

  1. I did that with a cup of coffee one day and turned the keyboard upside down,ran and got the blow dryer from the bathroom and started drying it.I am typing on said keyboard right now but I never want to do that again! Funny post.

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