Diet Cheese?


So, I’m making lunch for me and the babies, and when I reach into the Sara Lee Baby Swiss package to pull out a few slices for sandwiches, I can’t help but notice that the slices are…..quite holey.  Like, seriously, missing half a slice from whatever makes Swiss cheese holey.   We eat a lot of Swiss  cheese in this family, and I have never seen holes that big.

So, does that make these slices half the calories?  Because they are certainly half the cheese.  Or do they calculate the calories with the ginormous holes of nothing included?  This packaged should have been marked half price, I feel kind of cheated.


Are you now left wondering why Swiss cheese has those holes in it?  Me too, so I Googled it.  Turns out, those holes are the byproduct of the microbes added to milk to make Swiss cheese.  There is also, apparently, government regulations regarding the size of the holes deemed acceptable in Swiss cheese in the United States.  To be classified as “Grade A” Swiss cheese, it must have holes that are no larger than 3/4 of an inch.  Ummm….Did you hear that Sara Lee?

Just sayin’.


4 thoughts on “Diet Cheese?

  1. LOL! What a ripoff! Looks like a critter made that cheese his home with that giant hole! Grandma G would say “piss on that noise” and write ’em a letter! Maybe they’ll send you new better cheese, or some of the same cheese, which two packages might equal one slice of cheese except for the gaping hole that is still missing… Shenanigans!

  2. that’s definitely gotta be a ‘low cal’ variety…can you imagine what the fat free version would look like??? you’d be paying for an empty logo’d pouch o_O

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