Return of The Walking Dead!

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Okay, as I have confessed before, I am a huge zombie fan.  There can never be enough awesome zombie movies for me, I just love them!  Vampires and werewolves are a dime a dozen, but zombies, to me, are just the absolute gold of the horror industry.

Sorry, did I just campaign for zombies?  Well, they are awesome, so…

Last night was the long awaited return of The Walking Dead on AMC, and let me just say, I was not disappointed!

This season begins with the group having survived the winter after jumping house to house avoiding a traveling herd.  (Of zombies, not cattle, just to be clear.)  Laurie is very pregnant with what has to be the most ridiculous looking faux preggo belly I have ever seen, but whatevs.  Carl has obviously been through a huge growth spurt, and since they could never keep him in the house anyway, he is now part of the crew, gun in hand, shooting walkers.

As they are preparing to hop to a new location, they discover a prison in the distance.  It is full of walkers, but it is secure, so once they wipe out the undead squatters, they have an ideal place to call home, at least for now.

I think this season is going to be awesome, but then, I think every season is awesome.  Hey, it’s zombies, I’m happy.

We actually didn’t watch the first showing, which just about killed me.  Instead, we waited for the encore showing, because we like to watch Talking Dead, hosted by Chris Hardwick directly after.  If you are a Walking Dead fan, you need to watch Talking Dead.  They share exclusive clips from upcoming episodes, show behind the scenes secrets, and even have the actors, directors, and writers as guests to answer questions and talk about the episode and what’s ahead for the season.  Plus, Chris Hardwick is an adorable, hilarious, zombie loving geek.  Just sayin’.

Last night on Talking dead, the poll question was:

If you got pregnant during a zombie apocalypse where would you want to give birth?

   A moving car
   A prison cell block
   A clearing in the woods
   An abandoned house

What would your answer be?  The most popular answer was a prison cell block with 52% of the votes.  What the what?  The abandoned house was next with 28%, followed by a moving car at 14% and clearing in the woods with 4%.  Okay, obviously most of the people taking the poll must have been men, because that’s the only way I can explain the ridiculousness of those results.  A moving car?  Really?  Yeah.  Okay.



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