The Incredible Shrinking Baby!

Our family decided to squeeze in a visit to the pumpkin patch this weekend.  It was one last Halloween-y thing that we hadn’t done yet that just needed to happen.  I wanted to get out the door as early as possible to avoid the huge crowds, so as you can imagine, with four kids scrambling about, well, it was chaos.

I saw a Halloween shirt in our bedroom and grabbed it so Abe could get Sara dressed as I did Isabella’s hair and instructed the boys on what to wear and assured Noah that yes, he did indeed have to go potty before we left.

Sara’s shirt seemed a tad large, which was strange.  She is only one year old, but has been routinely wearing 24 months to 2t.  When I saw the shirt was a bit big, I assumed I had gone up a size and bought a 3t, but I was in awe at how one size up could appear so much larger.  In general, it fit well enough, and we were off.

Now, I will point out that we do a lot of hand me downs in our house, what with the large and growing brood we have, it’s just economical.  The first thing Matt and Bella said when they saw Sara was that they recognized the shirt as one Bella used to wear.  I brushed them off, told them they were wrong, that I had just bought this one for Sara.  They didn’t put up much fight, but they had that annoying look in their eyes like they didn’t believe me.  If you have kids, you know that look.


Fun was had, it was chilly, but there was a lot to see and do, and by the end of the trip, Noah and Sara were both crying so, it was past time to leave.

Fast forward to this morning.

I go into Sara’s room with some laundry to put away.  Ugh, I hate putting away laundry.  But I digress.  I opened her closet to grab some hangers, and there, right in front of me, is her brand new Halloween shirt, tags still on, staring back at me.

What the what?!

I go over to her little hamper and pull out the shirt she wore on Saturday.

Do you see where this is going?

That shirt she wore, the one that was only slightly too large, the one the kids recognized, and the one that I said was brand new?  Yeah, it wasn’t brand new.  It was an Isabella shirt that she actually wore a few weeks ago.  I had washed it and upon looking at it, decided it was too small and needed to be packed away.  That’s why it was sitting in our bedroom.  That’s why it was too large for Sara.  That’s why the kids recognized it.

Wanna see something completely crazy?

I decided to take a picture of the two shirts, side by side for size comparison, just to prove that I am not completely insane.  Partially, yes, but not quite completely.


Ignore the cookie goobers on the shirt on the left, it was pulled out of the hamper for this picture.  The cookie goober shirt is a Girls size 6.  The brand new shirt, tags and hanger still on it on the right, is a size 24 months!!!  Now come on!  Tell me it wasn’t an honest mistake, they are practically the same size!



I don’t have to tell the kids they were right, do I?  I would hate to lose my Mommy street cred.


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