Feeling Bratty

My kids are kind of awesome.  Here it is, the day before Thanksgiving, their first day on break from school, and their mama is sick.  Yucky stomach issues, just miserable.  When I was able to crawl out of bed to check on everyone, I saw this waiting for me on the counter:


A Get Well card, a bottle of water with a straw so I don’t drink too fast (Bella’s words), a cup of applesauce and a well done piece of plain toast.  (That is Tigger”s face on my toast, btw.  Awesome, I know.)

They prepared me a B.R.A.T friendly diet.  You know, that diet that you are supposed to follow when you are having tummy issues?  Short for bananas, rice, applesauce and toast, all foods that are gentle on the rumbly belly.

Yeah, my kids are awesome.


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