Why do kids never get sick on weekdays during business hours?

Seriously.  After enjoying the mid season finale of The Walking Dead last night, (omg it was AWESOME!)  we were soon made aware by Dr Isabella that she had diagnosed Noah with croup.

I’ll admit, at first we kind of blew her off and figured she was just throwing the word around trying to be all smart and stuff.  Well, minutes later, we realized she was very much right and Noah was very sick, with croup, at 10 pm on a Sunday night.

Now, Isabella and Noah are the only two kids who have ever had croup so far, but they don’t just get that yucky sounding seal bark cough.  Oh no, these kids know how to get severely ill at the most inconvenient, and therefore stressful of times.  We’re talking full on stridor, that horrific squeaky noise they make just by breathing in because their airway is so swollen and retractions, the skin between their ribs and on their chest that pulls in with each breath as they are working hard to breathe.

Yeah, pretty much hell on Earth for a worry wart mama.

Urgent Care closed at 8 pm, so the only option was the dreaded ER.

After four and a half hours and an oral steroid dose along with a prescription, Noah was sounding better and could finally get tucked into bed.  Now I am just hoping that we can manage to keep Sara from catching it.  This mama has had enough worrying for the rest of the year, thank you very much!



Look at him, acting all chill while his mama has a nervous break down.

I am happy to say that he seems to be doing much better today.  Croup is scary.  For us, it always shows up completely unannounced and always late at night.  He has not been sick, no fevers or runny nose, nothing at all until he woke up “barking” last night.  Thank goodness for Urgent Care and ERs!

Now, I wonder how much we owe Dr Isabella for her house call?


2 thoughts on “Why do kids never get sick on weekdays during business hours?

  1. It is so true! I swear my kids always get sick when the Dr’s office is closed. And isn’t the walking dead awesome! That is our Sunday night ritual after the kids are in bed.

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