Felt Christmas Tree

If you have ever even casually peeked at Pinterest, I’m sure you have seen the cute little felt trees that some genius mama made for her kids to play with.  While the idea is to give them their very own tree and ornaments to decorate and thusly stay away from the real tree, I can tell you that while the tree is cute and fun, even for the older kids, it’s just not the same as the real one with the sparkly lights and dangling goodies.

That said, we made the tree and I kind of love it.  It is way bigger than I intended, but it turned out cute and the babies love it.  Sara likes to take the dump truck, drive it to the felt tree, remove all the ornaments, placing them in the dump truck and then she drives it around the whole house, squealing with joy.

It is pretty simple to make, just cut a Christmas tree shape out of felt and then ornament shapes out of felt.  I used some cookie cutters for some of the ornaments and others I just free handed.  There is no special trick to sticking the ornaments to the tree.  Felt sticks to felt.  It’s just that easy, trust and believe.  Now, hanging the tree on the wall was another story.  I originally intended on putting it on our metal front door with a few dabs of hot glue.  The glue wouldn’t hurt the metal, and I knew it would be secure.  Then I made the tree about four times bigger than intended and it wouldn’t fit on the door, so I had to think of a plan b.



I considered using velcro, Command strips makes them with that adhesive that won’t damage walls.  Ultimately, I decided on flat thumb tacks because I knew that it would get roughly handled by the kids and I did not want to pick the tree up off the floor 900 times a day.

So far, so good!  The kids play with it every day and it hasn’t fallen down once.  The ornaments get crumpled up and slobbered on and they still stick just fine to the tree.



I haz all the ornaments, muahahahaha!


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