Elf on the Shelf

Last year, we decided to jump on the elf on the shelf bandwagon.  We watched the cartoon, I was intrigued, saw the price in stores, and after nearly fainting, looked online and got a good deal on our very own elf.

I love the vintage look of the elf.  I can remember going to my grandma’s house at Christmas time, my mom’s mother, and admiring all the beautiful vintage ornaments, including an elf that looked very much like the widely popular, hugely overpriced elf on the shelf.  That memory alone made me decide to pay more than was reasonable, and I know we are making awesome memories for the kids.

Much like the cartoon, Matthew was uninterested in the elf, but Isabella was in love!  She named our elf Cookie, and so began the adventure of finding him every morning.  There are some pretty awesome elves out there, doing awesome things as can be seen on Pinterest.  There are also some awfully naughty elves that seem to be doing rotten things, stuff that would surely put them on Santa’s naughty list!

Cookie never does anything naughty, he likes to play with the kids toys and occasionally leave them a tiny elf sized letter.  Isabella whispers in his ear sometimes, telling him that she loves him and to tell Santa that she said “hi”.  Doesn’t that just melt your heart?

This year, Noah is in on the game, and runs out of room each morning yelling, “Where’s Cookie?!”  Yup, definitely worth the money for a tradition that will be passed down and enjoyed for many years.


Cookie’s first day back!  He is holding a tiny mug of hot cocoa and has a tiny plate of cookies next to him.  Kind of adorable, I know.  Thanks for sharing, Barbie!


Chillin’ on Santa’s lap.


Getting in on the countdown calendar fun!


One thought on “Elf on the Shelf

  1. Sounds like fun. A co-worker was just telling me last week abut Elf on the Shelf for his 4 yr old daughter. What a coincidence. Have fun & Merry Christmas!

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