This happened…

I should know better.  I do know better.  Really, it’s all my fault, but for the love of gravy!!!

It was only two minutes.  A short phone call, I stepped away while Noah and Sara were innocently watching Dora.  There were entranced, I thought surely they could stay that way for just a minute or two while I took the call.

I came back to a horrific, disgusting, unbelievable mess.  This is the first thing I saw, confusing me until I looked around and saw the source of the mysterious white paste on my coffee table.



At first I thought it might have been lotion or maybe baby powder?  But there is no baby powder in easy reach of the babies, and a quick glance over to the lotion bottle showed it to be untouched.  Scanning the room, I saw this:



At this point, I knew.  Oh, how I knew.  Those little granules strewn about like confetti, the delightful paste on my coffee table.  It was cat litter.  From the litter box.


It gets better.  The cats have a basket with a blanket that they sleep in, which also happened to be in the path of nasty.



Isn’t that lovely?  There was cat litter EVERYWHERE.  I think it was mostly Sara, while Noah sat and watched.  As soon as I walked back in the room, he jumped up to go sit on the potty for a good long while, avoiding the, let’s say colorful language that happened to escape me.



That is Katie, wondering why we decided to keep the furless things that are so fascinated with kitty poo.

And now the mug shot of the nasty little girl that made it rain cat litter all over my living room:



She doesn’t look very remorseful, does she?  See that sh*t eating grin?  It’s because she was literally eating sh*t.  Cat sh*t, covered in clumping cat litter.  You know how peanut butter gets stuck to the roof of your mouth when you eat it?  Yeah, well, cat litter clumps into a concrete like lump in the roof of the mouth and between the teeth.  That happy little grin on Sara’s face?  Yeah, that disappeared when I had to spend 20 minutes raking the litter out of her mouth and teeth.

Fun times.


House Hunting!!

A moving truck operated by Piedmont Moving Sys...

This year holds so many amazing opportunities for us, one of which is buying a new house!  YAY!!!

We outgrew our current happy little abode a couple of babies ago, honestly.  At the time, however, Abe was in school working on his degree, and we were comfortable.  It is hard stepping out of the comfort zone, isn’t it?  Venturing into the unknown?  As terribly excited as I am to begin the process of searching for our new home, I am equally terrified of the change.  Where we are now is old hat.  We have been here for ten years, we know what to expect.  Our home is a part of our family, it is safe and it is comfortable.

This is a change I can embrace though, because it will afford us so much more, with space,  a large yard for planting and playing and for growing.  I guess I am butterfly in the tummy, happy nervous to see how the next several months unfold.  We are very close to completely paying off our current home.  That is a feat!  And then any money we get with the sale can go directly towards our new place.

The kids are beyond excited!  We told them that if we move early enough in the summer, we will get a swimming pool to help cool off in between unpacking and settling in.  Of course, their minds are also racing with ways to decorate their new rooms, wondering if they will be changing schools, etc.  When we talk about moving, Bella always asks if we will bring all our current belongings with us.  I guess it can be confusing to a little one, when we say we will sell our house, they must imagine our house and its belongings as a whole.  We have assured her many times that we will be taking everything with us.  Then she just gets silly and asks if we will bring the ceilings and the walls, etc.  🙂

So many exciting things to look forward to this year!

Can we be friends?

It is with great trepidation that I even attempt to revive our friendship.  When I first met you, I didn’t know what to expect.  I mean, we are so different, you with your hard, poisonous shell, keeping the world away from your inner good.  I thought we were cool, we had fun, I looked forward to seeing you.  Then, out of nowhere, you viciously turned on me.

I didn’t even recognize you, how could you be so cruel, so unforgiving?  You spread your poison and you know what?  You made me afraid of you.  Our distance the last several months has  given me a lot of time to think about what happened.  I now know that it was all my fault.

Are you happy?

I admit, it was me that poisoned myself.  You didn’t mean for it to happen, you were a helpless victim, a byproduct of my mistake.

I want to try again.  I want to be friends, I want you in my life, in my family’s life.  I think you could be good for all of us, and if you are ready, I want to start fresh.

This time, I come into the relationship better prepared.  I know what to expect, and in turn, hope to avoid that nasty break up we had so many months ago.

So what do you say?  Is a friendship even possible?  Can we call a truce?  I can’t let you around my children if you turn toxic again.  I would never forgive myself.

I’ll let you simmer, think about it all, soak it in, and I’ll get back to you in about an hour or so.  I have great expectations this time.  Please don’t hurt me again.


I will be sure and let you all know how this relationship reboot goes.  See, I had a sort of falling out with lentils last year when I repeatedly gave myself food poisoning by eating them when they must have been under cooked.  That was a huge duh moment.  I haven’t touched them since, I have been too afraid!  But after a good long soaking, over a day to be exact, and much research on the internets, I have decided to try again.  I have a big pot of them simmering away on the stove right now, hopefully poison free!  Fingers crossed for no food poisoning this time!


December Citrus Lane Box!

December is a crazy month for everyone!  That is my official excuse for not posting this in a timely manner.  🙂

Citrus Lane’s theme for December was “A few of our favorite things”.  The box was jam packed with some great goodies!  Shall we begin?



As always, each month includes an insert that gives you all the details of the items in the box, the websites to find the products, and very often, an exclusive savings code so you can stock up on even more of the awesome items.



This month’s box came was a bit larger than usual because it had a big toy inside of it!



Green Toys Airplane $14.99

Totally eco friendly, totally made from recycled materials (milk jugs to be exact!) and totally awesome!  The Green Toys ariplane is a perfect imagination toy for both boys and girls alike!  All of the Green Toys items are made very sturdy, ready for lots of play time with even the littlest, perhaps roughest, of little pilots!  A total hit in our house, sound effects not included, but easily and very happily provided by the happy kiddos!



Pearhead Brag Book $8.95

This is not a flimsy, cheap little brag book!  This is a hardcover, sturdily made book, perfect for a grandparent gift or just filling and keeping for yourself!  My kids love to spend time looking through photo albums, so this would even be a perfect book to fill with photos for the kids to look through whenever their little hearts desire.  Very cute and easily personalized!



GoGo Squeez Fruit Pouch $1.29

Yummy, easy, real food snack that is great to stash away in purses, diaper bags, you name it.  All of my kids love to eat snacks from pouches, from 10 years old all the way down to my 1 year old.  It is an easy, mess free way to give a healthy snack on the go and offers at least a few minutes of quiet time while the kids are snacking away!



Renee & Jeremy It’s A Big World CD $12.00

Okay, as a mama with little ones, my house is filled with all sorts of kid songs that can get…..annoying.  Admit it, character voices get old fast!  This CD, Rene & Jeremy as artists in general, just amazing!  Calming, soothing, mellow, happy, just GOOD.  They have a bit of a hippie/folkie vibe that I have to admit, I love.  You can check out their website for samples of their songs.  Watch out though, they are amazingly addictive!



Madecasse 75% Cocoa Mini Chocolate Bar $1.50

This was an added special little treat just for the mamas (or daddys!) this month.  I love getting small little things for me in the boxes, and you can’t go wrong with chocolate, am I right?  This particular chocolate was very dark and very bold, as the label suggests.  Not for everyone’s taste buds, but still a very nice little treat!



Ecomom Gift Voucher $15

Ecomom is a website with an amazing variety of awesome, eco friendly items, both for the kids and for mom (or dad, lets not forget the papis!)  This voucher is good for $15 towards ANYTHING your heart desires on their site!  What a generous gift!  The hardest thing about that, is picking one thing to use it on!  I am an Ecomom regular, I have no doubt that everyone will be able to find an amazing deal to use this voucher on!


Have you fallen in love with Citrus Lane yet?!  I am being 100% honest when I tell you that it is something we look forward to each and every month!  We are constantly being introduced to new, awesome products and companies.  We use all of our Citrus Lane goodies regularly, and often have impressed mamas asking us where we got this or that.

Wanna hear some exciting news?  The Citrus Lane Subscription box has expanded its ages for their boxes!!  They now offer curated boxes for babies and kids from birth to age 5!!  How exciting!

Are you interested in a getting a subscription of your own?  Well, I can help you!  Click HERE to sign up and you will get $10 off your new subscription!  You can get as little as 3 months, or as much as a full year!

I have said it before, I will say it again.  I think Citrus Lane is an awesome value and it definitely costs less than a quick trip to Target (or any store) for this mama.  They have exciting things planned for the coming year, so now is a great time to join the Citrus Lane community!


The Birth of Super Powers?


So today is the day my mama is getting her radioactive pill, her RAI treatment to finish off her thyroid cancer treatment.  She has understandably been nervous and kinda bummed thinking about this day, but now the day is here, the treatment has begun, and it can be a rear view mirror memory.

Her doctor has advised her to stay away from the grandkids for 2 weeks.  This is to give ample time for her body to flush out all the toxins, and in that period she will undergo several body scans and loads of blood work, before she is given a clean bill of health.

Wanting to help those two weeks without grandkids go by more quickly, we decided to make her care packages, one for every single day that she won’t get to see them.  Nothing too fancy, lip balms, lotions, sugar free candies and perhaps most importantly, hand made cards from the kiddos.  By the end of her treatment, she will have a house full of cards and love notes from the kids, something to look forward each day.

Yeah, I’m pretty happy with that idea.  🙂

I told mom to let us know what super powers she develops.  Ha, ha!  She doesn’t appreciate my hilarious humor as much as I do.  Come to think of it, not many do….

Regardless, today marks an important milestone in *hopefully* saying goodbye to the big “c” word once and for all!

Happy New Year!

Long time no see, friends!

I hope the holidays were spent blissfully with your loved ones!  Abe had vacation time to spend at the end of the year, so this mama was on cloud nine with her hubby and her children all at home with her for a wonderful, extended holiday season!

Yesterday was my birthday, the big 33!  I can honestly say that I felt very loved and appreciated, spending time with my family and ringing in the new year.

My greatest gift received, by far, the last few weeks has been the gift of presence.  The family and the friends that care enough to come out and spend their time with you, the best gift of all!  It means so much, more than anything store bought could, and it has brought me great joy.  I am truly blessed!

This past year was very eventful in our home!

We have lost and gained some pretty important people in our family.  There are family members I don’t and probably will never see again.  I am at peace with that.  There are also family members that we haven’t seen in nearly a decade that are suddenly very much a part of our lives.  It’s a good thing!  It was a scary change, isn’t all change?  Both the losing and the gaining, but I trust the path we have been given, and that trust has been proven ten fold.

As we move into 2013, I feel calm.  Big things are coming this year!  I’ve learned that I will never make everyone happy, no matter how pure my intentions, no matter how hard I try.  With this revelation, I think I have added strength.  I will continue to do and be my best, for me and my family, that’s all I can do.  But isn’t that a lot?  It is!

Here is to an amazing year!  I hope 2013 is the best year for us all!