The Birth of Super Powers?


So today is the day my mama is getting her radioactive pill, her RAI treatment to finish off her thyroid cancer treatment.  She has understandably been nervous and kinda bummed thinking about this day, but now the day is here, the treatment has begun, and it can be a rear view mirror memory.

Her doctor has advised her to stay away from the grandkids for 2 weeks.  This is to give ample time for her body to flush out all the toxins, and in that period she will undergo several body scans and loads of blood work, before she is given a clean bill of health.

Wanting to help those two weeks without grandkids go by more quickly, we decided to make her care packages, one for every single day that she won’t get to see them.  Nothing too fancy, lip balms, lotions, sugar free candies and perhaps most importantly, hand made cards from the kiddos.  By the end of her treatment, she will have a house full of cards and love notes from the kids, something to look forward each day.

Yeah, I’m pretty happy with that idea.  🙂

I told mom to let us know what super powers she develops.  Ha, ha!  She doesn’t appreciate my hilarious humor as much as I do.  Come to think of it, not many do….

Regardless, today marks an important milestone in *hopefully* saying goodbye to the big “c” word once and for all!


3 thoughts on “The Birth of Super Powers?

  1. We have went through cancer so many times in our life.My mom has had it twice and she is doing great.It is such a good idea to have the grandkids make cards and send packages.My mom loved getting stuff and it lifted her spirits when she didn’t feel good.I will keep your mom in my thoughts and please send her my good wishes.

      • They will,my mom cherished everything she got from everyone.I think she was even a little spoiled from it.That was OK though,cause we are so happy she is better and I am praying the same for your mom.

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