House Hunting!!

A moving truck operated by Piedmont Moving Sys...

This year holds so many amazing opportunities for us, one of which is buying a new house!  YAY!!!

We outgrew our current happy little abode a couple of babies ago, honestly.  At the time, however, Abe was in school working on his degree, and we were comfortable.  It is hard stepping out of the comfort zone, isn’t it?  Venturing into the unknown?  As terribly excited as I am to begin the process of searching for our new home, I am equally terrified of the change.  Where we are now is old hat.  We have been here for ten years, we know what to expect.  Our home is a part of our family, it is safe and it is comfortable.

This is a change I can embrace though, because it will afford us so much more, with space,  a large yard for planting and playing and for growing.  I guess I am butterfly in the tummy, happy nervous to see how the next several months unfold.  We are very close to completely paying off our current home.  That is a feat!  And then any money we get with the sale can go directly towards our new place.

The kids are beyond excited!  We told them that if we move early enough in the summer, we will get a swimming pool to help cool off in between unpacking and settling in.  Of course, their minds are also racing with ways to decorate their new rooms, wondering if they will be changing schools, etc.  When we talk about moving, Bella always asks if we will bring all our current belongings with us.  I guess it can be confusing to a little one, when we say we will sell our house, they must imagine our house and its belongings as a whole.  We have assured her many times that we will be taking everything with us.  Then she just gets silly and asks if we will bring the ceilings and the walls, etc.  🙂

So many exciting things to look forward to this year!


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