First Step?


After making a huge mortgage payment a few weeks ago, leaving a pleasantly small balance on our current home, we have been discussing how to move forward in our quest for our new house.  We decided to take a plunge yesterday and actually met with a realtor.  I think it was a good step, because after speaking to him, he is awesome by the way, we feel more ready to further plan the next few steps to new home ownership!

But change is scary!  As exciting as this all is, I can’t help but feel equally, if not more, terrified!

We have precious few months to tie some loose ends and then plunge into the deep unknown.  We have never made a big move with children before.  Our last move was when Matthew was only a few weeks old, so schools and routines were a non issue.  We have four children now, two in school and scouts and dance.  We have three pets to worry about adjusting to a new home, not to mention packing and unpacking all our belongings, which is admittedly far too much!

I guess right now, I need to release some of my fears and trust that there is a plan.  We will be okay, a little stressed, sure, but it is all for a great reward in the end.

*deep breath*

Yes, this is going to be good.  I believe that.  🙂


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