Give me credit

An iconic statue of St. Joseph with the carpen...

I don’t know why, but the thought of checking our credit report/credit score always scares me.  I never pay any bills late, I am a responsible mama, but just the fear of the unknown, the fear of this silly little piece of paper that holds the power to give or deny us our dream….Oh yeah, that’s why it’s terrifying.

Being the annoyingly responsible people that we are, we decided that before we even call our lender, we should get our reports and go into the battle knowing our numbers.  Knowledge is power, right?  Through the government, we are entitled a free look at our reports every single year.  That gives us access to all three reports, which is cool and all, but you know what is not included in the free reports?  The actual credit score.

To get your big, fancy credit score number, you basically have to join one of a billion available sites that will give you your score, but only after entering your credit card information.  They usually give you a seven day “free trial” of their “awesome” site, and you have to cancel your account before the end of the trial period to avoid the ridiculous charges.  Of course, you have to call them in person, during business hours, and sit through all the annoying upsells before they will actually cancel your membership.  Dumb.

Shouldn’t the score be included in the once annually free report?  Yes.  The answer is yes.  Somebody make it be.

Anyway, we now have our credit reports and our credit score, which I am happy to say is pretty darn good.  We are “low risk”, so hopefully that translates into an amazing interest rate on our dream house.

Our current timeline is to start officially looking at houses first thing in April.  We already have a very cool realtor and we have been searching online to get an idea of what is out there right now.  We are hoping to move once school is out, as early as mid May.  Wow!  That is not far away!  I have a St Joseph statue to bury in our yard to help us sell our house.

What’s that?  You never heard of that voodoo magic?

Growing up, I can’t even count the number of times that we would drive around with my grandma, St Joseph statue in hand, stopping at friends and families homes to bury the statue, say a prayer and help them sell their house.  Now, I was just a kid, but when my grandma told me that burying the little plastic saint would magically sell the house, well, I believed her!  Not only that, but it proved to me that she was just as magical as I thought she was!

So yes, we will be burying St Joseph and he is gonna help us sell our home quickly because my grandma said he would!  Hey, you don’t question grandma!



4 thoughts on “Give me credit

  1. Gosh you guys are moving sooner than I thought! Hopefully anyway ^_^ Goodie, maybe we’ll be able to see it before we’re packed up and headed for Hoojerville ❤ Best of luck, I hope that statue works it's magic ;D

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