I was sitting outside in our back yard when I noticed something ever so gracefully falling from the sky and coming my way.  I watched, absolutely absorbed in the twirling dance of the object as it came closer and closer.  I held out my hand and it seemed to immediately know my desire to catch it.  I smiled as a tiny, delicate little feather landed oh so softly in my palm.

I love to be outside, I spend as much time as I can taking in the fresh air and the sights and sounds of nature around me.  For all of my 33 years, I have never witnessed a feather falling from the sky, no bird in sight, much less landing directly into my hand after putting on a lovely little show.

So what does it mean?

Maybe nothing.  It doesn’t feel like nothing though.  I can’t say for sure what it means, but a quick internet search seems to indicate that it can only be good.   Some say it is a sign that your guardian angels are around you, protecting you and letting you know they are there.  Some say it is a friendly hello from heaven, a sign that one of your loved ones is thinking of you and is with you.  Some say it is a sign of good luck to come.

I say it is wonderful.  I feel happy and blessed.  What a lovely little gift!  Perhaps it is a silly superstition, but if it makes me happy, well then, logic be damned!  🙂


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